Read from left to right. Story by my brother, Art by me. :D This story is about a young girl named Yukino who happens to stumble upon a small sushi restaurant due to a storm. Little does she know that it isn't a normal sushi restaurant; at night, it's a restaurant for spirits. Oh, and sorry if my handwriting is hard to read! ^^; By the way, before I drew this, my brother had "Itadakimasu" typed on paper as a story. I drew things according to his descriptions and used the dialogue in the story. So, Okage is based MERELY on description, and is not a "copy" of Jack Skellington. I only drew how Okage was described.
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My name is Christina, and I am fifteen years old. I'm Asian--Vietnamese--and I have short black hair. It's a boyish sort of cut. My eyes are dark brown and I wear contacts. My birthday is June 11th.

I really enjoy drawing (preferably anime and manga), singing, writing, reading, and playing the computer. I'm pretty weird if you ever get to know me, but not in a bad way. Just pretty wacky, you know? I also love dressing up in unique outfits (skirts, bows, and dresses are love)!

I started Itadakimasu almost a year ago.

The materials I use to make the pages are: pencil, eraser, A5 Manga Manuscript Paper, 005 and 01 and 03 and 05 and 08 Sakura Micron Pigment Liners (black), ruler, Pentel Brush Pen (black), Fine Tip Sharpie (black), BIC White Out (felt brush), and a Liquid Paper Correction Pen (white).

My favorite bands/artists are Super Junior, Ellegarden, Loveholic, Modern Talking, Suzanne Vega, and Deathcab For Cutie. My favorite colors are red and black. My favorite foods are french fries and spring rolls. My favorite song is "Miracle" by Super Junior. I have too many favorite movies, but my favorite TV shows are Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends, Spongebob Squarepants, What Not To Wear, and other shows I can't think of at the moment. My favorite media (art-wise) are either Copic Markers, pen and ink, or watercolors.

My family consists of my mother, my father, two older sisters, and one older brother. My mom makes really yummy food! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. Mmmm.

Well, that's enough about me. I don't want to ramble on TOO long (it's already really long). Sometime, you should tell me about you!